The art of giving (and receiving)

I love giving.  Whether that be making breakfast for my children in the morning, a cup of tea for my lover of an evening, or gifting a friend something special.

As a mother giving is part of my everyday expression within our family.  Sometimes though I feel the need to give gifts to shift “my stuff”; for me it is a great way to release

my heart energy from perceived self-absorbance towards gratitude for those special people around me.  I love this way of re-orientating myself.  I love making the wrapping paper and cards or finding a special ribbon to bind or a special trinket to adorn the present.  I love the element of surprise that others receive through unexpected gifts.

Today, a dear friend gave me a gift.   I felt buoyed by the fact that she had thought of me in such a precious way.  Receiving does not come as easily for me, it is something I need to consciously practice and not block.  (I hear this from a lot of women, why do we do this?) In addition to her generosity I was taken by the gorgeous wrapping and love what was inside!  A perfect gift, a perfect read, for this time in my life.  Thank you dear friend.  Another reminder that my life is blessed.

Giving to release heart energy.  Handmade wrapping.

Giving to release heart energy. Handmade wrapping.


Handmade wrap


The Art of Family – a gift received with gratitude


Giving and Receiving as an art

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