Expression over exactness: Imperfectly perfect

I am a recovering perfectionist.   I have a tendency to edit myself to the the point the my creativity and expression becomes stifled.  My pattern has been to critique myself to the point I do not move forward on ideas or feel like I need to wait and make everything perfect before I can put anything out into the world.   Initially inspired, I quickly move into thinking my ideas are not good enough, and even more quickly render my creative flow inert.

So, I am trying something new.  Everyday I am just going to post.  A photo.  A line.  Whether a perfectly worded post or not, my intent is expression, not exactness.  I am seeking momentum, productivity not perfection. My intent is to explore, play, create, without focus on audience or how things will be received.  This rather is more of a selfish endeavour.  I need to do this to hang onto that tiny thread of creativity and soul expression that makes me me.  I see it as a tiny silver spindle thread often under threat by the busy-ness of life but more under threat by my own overbearing critique.  It is that critique that I intent to quieten this year, and inspired by research into neuro-plasticity, this is my way of re-wiring my brain and learning to celebrate the unique way in which I see and appreciate the world around me.

So, here is to mistakes, play, creativity, expression, and a celebration of my original voice.  Imperfectly perfect.

.IMG_2102 IMG_2103 Celebrating the way I see the world IMG_2106

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