Practising kindness – the power to (unknowingly) change lives

It is the small acts of kindness that can make a difference in people’s lives.

Today I felt to go to uni and drop in to see Jayne on the way.  Jayne runs the coffee cart at the uni – throughout semester we have developed a friendship, chatting as she makes me my morning coffee or the ‘just-get-me-through-the-rest-of-the- afternoon-I need-to-get-this-assignment-done’ brew.   Life, over the past few weeks in particular, has been… well … intense!!  A combination of relentless parenting responsibilities; assignment deadlines; physical exhaustion; sick children; no down time.  As assignment deadlines loomed I bunkered down at the university library more, my stress levels correlated.   Jayne was just there – to give me that word of encouragement and empathy as she herself was a single mother and thus knew the hard grind ‘story’.  She was a teenage mother and raised two children solo.  A generation ago this came with a lot more stigma and difficulties than today.  She gave up her dreams of education and her creative musings and battled onto survive.  Her story, her spirit, was always expanded my perspective and made me reflect with gratitude.   I am a single mother, supported, with the opportunity to educate myself and nurture my creative spark.  I would then send prayers to all the women in the world – for whatever reason – are not as fortunate as me.  This would give me the momentum to keep pushing through my ‘privileged stresses’.  In the midst of the deadlines I had a whisper to give Jayne one of my photographs as a thank you.

Today (two weeks later) when I saw her she immediately said she was hoping to see me.  She had resigned, today was her last day.  She said that it was through seeing tenacity in my strivings, and the striving of many other women, that she had finally decided it was her time to study.  She said that that photo changed her day – her perspective.  She began to believe that she herself could actually get out there and begin to create a life for herself.  She left her relationship.  She is taking off for a restful 5 day holiday and then she is going to come back and “choose” the job she wants before starting her studies next semester.  What a woman!  What a brave and tenacious soul.  I love the fact that her simple, kind words buoyed me and my actions her.  Such a reflection to me that at all times we have the power to influence, to induce change.  I never though that I could impact on someone’s life in such a profound way…  There is so much power in that seemingly flippant express “practice random acts of kindness”……

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